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Mail Box Service £39 per qtr

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Packing Tips:

Packing wardrobe

Remember to label all boxes with their contents and/or destination using a thick black marker pen - especially fragile items!

Large items - should be separated by blankets, cardboard or cushions. If you are going to dismantle any larger pieces remember to tape the screws and fittings to the items that they were removed from.

Smaller items - should all be placed in boxes to allow for efficient stacking in the van or storage units.

China and glass - should be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper and placed into boxes with a layer of bubble wrap at the top and bottom of the box. Please note that using newspaper may mark your belongings.

Plates and saucers - should ideally be wrapped and placed on their edge within the box.

Books - should be stored in smaller boxes to keep the weight to a manageable level.

Clothing - We can supply space saving vacuum bags and wardrobe cartons for all your hanging items. Clothing must be clean and dry and alternatively can be stored within boxes, drawers or suitcases.

Electrical items - are best stored in their original boxes, however, if these are unavailable then wrapping them in bubble wrap should be sufficient. Garden equipment - should be clean and drained of any fuel.

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