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Purpose built office and storage space ideal for 'starter' and small businesses looking for professional economic facilities.

Secure Mail Box Service

Perfect for when you need to show a REAL address not a PO Box, and you don't have a premises. Is your business based at home? Do you run an internet shop website?

Secure Mail Boxes - do you need a business address?

Secure Mail Box

The Internet is a great leveller – a small business can trade alongside a large one, and compete effectively. But there is something more comforting in seeing an organisation which actually uses a genuine address as opposed to one which is clearly more 'nebulous', and operating from a PO Box which gives no true location reference.

At Space Saver Storage we are happy to help solve this problem with our new service designed precisely with you in mind. Simply rent a Secure Mail Box for only £39 per quarter (inc. vat) and start using your new address right away.

Access to your Secure Mail Box

Our opening hours are 7.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am – 2.30pm on Saturdays, so there is plenty of time to pick up those important orders, contracts, cheques, letters and supplies from your Secure Mail Box.


Each powder-coated steel encased Secure Mail Box is 460mm deep by 360mm width and height 140mm.

Your address

This will be the following format with XX corresponding to your Mailbox number:
Your Business or Name
Unit XX
Waterham Business Park
Highstreet Road
Kent ME13 9EJ

Is there no one at home to receive signed-for mail?

Are you a 'one-man band' business? Maybe you just need a place to receive private mail or sensitive items? There is little worse than losing a payment or important document you are due in the post, and the last thing you want is for it to arrive on the doorstep in an insecure environment and 'disappear' before you see it.

Now, with a Secure Mail Box at Space Saver Storage, you can have peace of mind that all mail sent to you reaches you, confidentially. Even critical or valuable things, which need to be signed for, can be received rather than sent back with failed delivery because you aren't around.

Key features of your Secure Mail Box

  • Real physical address
  • Low cost
  • No long term contract
  • Long open hours for mail collection
  • Signed-for mail received personally on your behalf
  • No PO Boxes to confuse customers
  • Secure environment for mail
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Fully confidential service
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